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Can it really be as simple as a film can change your life? Probably not directly, but it might set in motion a series of events that are a consequence of your actions that you only chose because of changes you wanted to make having been inspired/moved/shocked/repulsed by a particular motion picture. Whilst there are sure to be some people who alter their way of life to reflect the negativity of a film, perhaps convinced their calling in life is to be a hitman, the majority want to change for the better. They might see something of themselves in the main character. It might be that they relate to the person. It doesn’t have to be a film with a happy-ending to inspire someone to change their ways. It can often be all too cheesey when it’s done this way, anyway. But we’re more likely to be affected by something when there is a negative outcome. When the person is so down and out that there was never any chance of recovery. And when it’s this bad, it can be hard to know if you ever will recover. Watching someone else go through it is sometimes all you need to take the positive steps to make the changes to better your life.

If you’re having real problems that you want to get sorted out, then we would probably suggest some more serious methods rather than watching Disney films and hoping it works out for the best. But sometimes we don’t realise just what course our life is taking until we see something that makes us take a look at ourselves.

We are all very different, and that’s what makes the world such an exciting place to be. If we were all the same, it would absolutely get very boring, very fast. So what works for one person’s life might not always be the greatest for someone else. But in general terms, as in ethically what is good and bad, there is normally a clear line that you know not to cross. There are plenty of other decisions we make on a daily basis, however, that affect our lives, that aren’t necessarily illegal or immediately life-threatening, but we should absolutely be wary of how often we might be partaking in something that is not of the greatest standing in the world. For example, smoking. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and you can bet your bottom dollar that your friends that are non-smokers won’t appreciate you always leaving them at the table to go for a quick one. But when you’re going through pack after pack, it might be time to reevaluate and see just how awesome life can be.

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We’ve all been there, and we’ve all experienced the worst of it. Whilst they say regrets and mistakes are memories made (well, Adele does, and we believe her), it can be debilitating, at the time. It doesn’t matter if you look back in a year and think ‘it really does not matter’. The fact that it probably won’t have any lasting effect on your life, it can still consume your thoughts. We’re not necessarily talking about one thing (rude minds, you lot!), but plenty of things that have a ‘morning after’. The most obvious is probably a night of heavy drinking, as you blearily open one eye and very cautiously grab your phone. Your heart racing, your palms getting clammy, your mouth drier than the Sahara (though that could have something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol you consumed, last night), you wearily open your outbox / sent items. This is always scarier than anything you’ve ever done. Though perhaps grabbing your jacket and finding your pocket shoved full of receipts is not good for your blood pressure.

What is is that makes us wake up after a banging night, yes you might have accidentally got into a small fight with a bloke who thought it would be funny to make fun of your outfit, but in hindsight he was obviously asking for it. As for the alcohol, yes you might be damaging your health in the long run, but you absolutely enjoyed yourself. In the office we have a mantra; ‘If you wanted to do it at the time, you have nothing to regret’. There are obvious exceptions to this rule, but for the majority of the time you just need to have more faith in yourself and have fun. It’s always better to look back and think ‘I should have done that’, rather than ‘I shouldn’t have done that’. Again, there are obvious exceptions but we choose not to concentrate on those. For now, just have fun and live a little. Think about ‘the morning after’, tomorrow.

Just ask any of the gentleman who employ the services that we have for offer, here at Chic. Indulging in the time of a companion is probably one of the hardest things to do. Not only because it takes so much courage, but because it’s quite a taboo industry that the less open-minded have yet to catch up with (we do wish they’d hurry up), and you might not be able to talk as openly with your friends about it as you’d like. If this is the case, then the London Escorts are wasted on them. Allow yourself to indulge freely, in the knowledge that you will appreciate them for all that they have to offer. Ignore the rest, they’re useless.

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A Little Bit Of Sunshine

When it comes to careers and work, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that you want to do without having tried out a wide range of experience. The majority of us will work in an office, with very little natural sunshine to brighten up our days. This can actually be quite detrimental, as the sun ‘keeps our circadian rhythm in check and makes us feel better’, and so if we go for extended periods of time without a bit of light and heat from the big ball in the sky, we can become quite miserable. This, in turn, can affect our work productivity and isn’t the most efficient way of boosting moral. If you’re looking for someway to inspire your workers and get the best out of them, have an office with large windows to allow for as much sun as possible. Of course, the glare on the screen can be slightly annoying at times, and given that the average worker spends more than five hours sat at their desk, you will probably need to find something to counteract this annoyance.

An Extension of Yourself

In order to promote creativity and get the best out of people, you need to have an environment that is both stimulating as well as comfortable. It’s not just your office space, however. You need to ensure that your home is a place that you want to be. It’s the place you go to get away from it all, as your respite and sanctuary, so it makes sense that you tend to and care for it. That’s why any home that you visit of a call girl from Chic will always be the most relaxing environment you could ever hope to be in. By creating a warm and inviting place, you are a showing that you are not sidestepped by the little things in life and you put in the effort. Our home says a lot about us, and it’s important that we maintain it. It doesn’t need to border on OCD (there’s nothing worse than someone shouting ‘COASTER!’ as your beer bottle hovers over the table you were about to place it on), but certainly be aware that your home is an extension of yourself.

Let the Stress Melt Away

When decorating your bedroom, you should remember this is your place of rest, where you come to let the stresses of the day just float away as you sail off into the land of nod. You dream about things that, whilst not making sense, can add so much to your creative output in life. Stay away from harsh and strong colours, and instead go muted and understated. If you do want colour, have them as accents in ornaments that find themselves spread around your boudoir.

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Festival_nyon_campingWith so much talk of London Fashion Week surrounding every last inch of every social media outlet at the moment, we can be forgiven to opt to write this week’s blog about something far detached from the attire world that has an industry worth around £21 billion, in Britain alone. Instead, we’re going to discuss something that isn’t altogether removed from the fashion world, but often goes hand in hand with it. Today’s talk? The world of music and, in particular, the festival that has just announced its headliners. Of course we are talking about The Wireless Festival. Entering its eighth year, this music event is lending itself to becoming one of the more popular of the summer haunts. Of course, nothing will beat Glastonbury or perhaps the Isle of Wight Festival, but others are fast approaching. Reading is almost seen as the ‘wannabe one’, and just far too expensive. Don’t get us wrong, though. We love nothing better than camping in a field for four days with limited access to showers and just general hygiene keep up.

This is obviously part of the experience and what is to be expected. But having announced the lineup to be fairly amazing this year, we think we could perhaps go without our hair gel for a couple of days. Or could we? We tend to lead with our tresses! There’s something about a good hairdo that really does it for us. That’s why we love to pick our companions on their hair colour. This might seem odd, given that this is one of the only occupations that you can specify hair colour. Apart from acting, perhaps, for certain roles. However, hair can be a very particular thing. For example, you wouldn’t expect someone you know, who has incredibly dark hair to suddenly go peroxide blonde. Not only would it be detrimental to the hair follicles given that dramatic change, but it probably wouldn’t look right. Some people are blessed to have a number of hair colours that suit them, others should stick the colour they were born with.

Whilst we don’t specify who’s naturally light-haired, the blonde escorts that are in our gallery are the epitome of girls that love nothing more than having a bit of fun and just living life to the full. Although we don’t recommend taking any of the companions to a festival with you this summer, they will make for amazing fun if you opt of living in a field for half a week.

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Gordale_BeckNow that Valentine’s Day is out of the way, it seems we can really start to concentrate on what is important and the things to look forward to. The most important one, in our opinion, seems to be that the days are finally getting longer. Don’t get us wrong, we love the idea of snuggling up with someone, glass of wine in hand, sat in front of a roaring fire and wrapped up in a cosy blanket whilst the snow falls outside. However, once the holiday season of Christmas has passed, it certainly starts to grate a little. And it is because of this that we are welcoming spring with open arms, stating ‘it’s been too long!’ as it eagerly hops back into our life. Soon we can get rid of the unsightly coats that just smother us. We know, we know they keep us warm, but any carefully planned outfit is just shot to hell the second you have to shove on a massive parka. Whilst you’re still on trend thanks to the recent grunge love, it doesn’t go particularly well with what you’re wearing. We’ll happily take a jacket any day of the week over a lumbersome coat. It also makes us want to stay out a bit longer.

Glancing out of the window come six, or whenever your working day ends, and seeing the sky in all its darkness doesn’t do much for our desire to head out to the pub and have a few with friends or a London escort. Instead, it makes us want to go home, and simply do nothing. This is a waste, but we completely understand. Now that the days are getting sunnier, we certainly bought our sun-specs with us to work today, there is simply no excuse. We are firm believers in the winter blues, and how the lack of sunshine can make some more introverted than usual, and so we allow it. But that is now over. So it’s time to get back out there, get a date with a companion, and just live life!

The biggest hurdle for any man that wants to spend time with any of the ladies in the galleries that we have for you, here at Chic, is actually selecting which of the plethora of females they want in their company. It doesn’t make sense to pick one when you’ve got others that you would happily say yes to. So why not have more than one? We are proud of the darling duo escorts that litter the screen because they immediately double your pleasure. It doesn’t take an experienced client to take on two companions at once, but it does take a bit of determination to really let down your boundaries and open yourself up to a number of possibilities.

Don’t be surprised if you become addicted to spending time with two ladies at once, why would you go back to one after being spoilt so much by a darling duo. But don’t forget that if you want it to be all about you, and we do mean all about you, nothing beats some personal one on one time. Just a few dates and you’ll be pro. So don’t let the fear stop you from doing exactly what it is that you want to do.

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Cold_benchAlthough the weather briefly changed for the better, we were finally able to swap our full-on man coats for a jacket, we are disappointed to learn that we will soon be slapped with another Arctic breeze. We aren’t actually sure what this is, though we know that it means we’re going to have whack out the layers which we thought we could FINALLY put back into the vacuum pack bags under the bed. Alas this is not the case, and we find ourselves sticking a hand out the window in the morning to gage the temperature of the day. Of course, what we choose to wear doesn’t necessarily stop us from perspiring when we’re running late and making our way, rather briskly, to the train station. We know, we know, we should get up five minutes earlier, but we’ll still find some other reason to faff about. It’s just the way we are, and we wouldn’t change it for the world!


So if, after having taken the time to consider the appropriate layers given the assumed temperature of the day (we don’t know either, so we’ll stop), you can finally go out and make your way in the world. With the morbid-esque month of January out the way (let’s be honest, it can be quite depressing) it’s time to really start to get settled into the year, and allow this year to really be the one you take control of. With the country still supposedly in a recession (will it never end!), it’s always brightens our day to learn of new places opening, despite tough financial times. And it’s up to us, the public, to ensure these places do a good trade and stay open, promising the staff their jobs. Of course, we only really wanted a pint after work, not to come to the aid of those in need of a trade union rep.


There are plenty of eateries, bars and restaurants to head to in the capital. The cosmopolitan nature of the city ensures you can travel around the world with just a few taps of your Oyster card. If you think that the escorts in London that we have for you are enough to tempt you, then don’t put it off. We know that our demand will always remain at a high, there will always be people looking for companionship in the form of a delectable lady, because we offer such a first-rate service at affordable prices. It’s just another thing that we do in order to ensure we remain one of the top agencies in the city.

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BallroomSo, in the newspaper of late, and various other media outlets, we’ve noticed several nods towards a certain way of thinking that many of us have unconsciously adopted. You may not realise that you’re suffering from it, but to be honest, it’s not the greatest trait to have. It makes you paranoid and uncontrollably puts a stop to your daily plans. Because of this, we felt the need to touch upon, discuss, debate and throw out to the class for discussion, the alarming trend of FOMO. Don’t be too concerned, it’s nothing physical.

You may not realise what it is at first, but we’re sure you’ve either had it, currently have it, or experience twinges of it. FOMO, standing for fear of missing out, is on the increase thanks to the emphasis put on social media. It seems if you’ve not uploaded some pictures to your Facebook page on Sunday morning of your AMAZING Saturday night you’re missing out. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and we like to think that we are not that immature that we need to rate our life on how many photos we’re tagged in. It’s just not cool and you should not worry about needing that type of validation. We embrace being different, being unique, having something to offer that not everyone else necessarily will. When you see other’s Facebook pages, Twitter timelines of Pinterest boards, do you feel a twinge of jealousy that you’re not involved? That you’re not making the most of the opportunities you’re presented with? If so, you might be suffering from FOMO. But do not panic, you just need to start living your life, forgetting what others have to say. If you smoke, party, spend too much time with busty escorts, others will always have opinions. And, let’s be honest, there’s nothing that you can really do about it.

We are always so very interested in things that not only broaden our mind but also our social circle. This might sound weird, so please allow us to elaborate before you immediately click away. Thanks! So glad you stayed. Anyway, we digress. It seems that we hate the idea of missing, in fact it’s a fairly well-respected phenomena called FOMO (fear of missing out) in which we become all-consumed by what we’re NOT doing. This needs to be rectified, and immediately. This can be done by throwing ourselves into a new environment, activity or just confronting our fear. Whatever it does, don’t feel the need to publicise it. Some things you can keep to yourself.

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HamburgerSo we’re into the third or fourth week of the year, we appear to have lost count, and already we’re craving some bad food. Whilst we knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, if it was everybody would be walking around with the perfect body, we don’t particularly want to give in. We think this shows massive improvement, however, that we haven’t immediately reached for the phone to the local Chinese place. We are, in fact, weighing up the options and being oh so grown up about it instead of going straight for the food. We might even ponder it whilst munching on an orange, oh we feel healthy already. But it seems that we can treat ourselves every once in awhile. It’s all about keeping a good balance.

Though keeping a food diary is perhaps a little bit excessive, you should be able to indulge without it messing up your goal of being healthier, so you just need to keep a closer eye on what you’re eating. If you head out with the lads for a beer and curry of a Friday night, perhaps have a healthier dinner the next day. You’ve still spoilt yourself, but you’ve also rectified it by not having a weekend binge of junk food. You won’t need to worry about running off the vindaloo at the gym, but it might spur you to do that extra mile on the treadmill. We think that being bad every once in awhile might even make us a bit better at being good because we know we’ve been bad. That wasn’t explained very well. We’ll try again.

If you have a rough night, perhaps mid-week drinks ran a little long and you ended up with a tab instead of a receipt, and you feel a little bit rough at your desk the next morning, you can end up feeling less than productive. So much so, that the next day, you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, wanting to make a good impression and show you’re a useful asset to the team. And this can only mean good things. Of course, we’re not in anyway suggesting that to be a good worker you have to get plastered a few nights a week, but it’s all about the balance. And if you overdo certain things, they can begin to lose their spark, their appeal. The thing about them that makes them so important. It’s the same as the London escorts; as long as you keep it as a treat to yourself, you’ll never get bored of them. Which, is almost impossible, have you seen the?!

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New-Year_Resolutions_listIn this week’s Stylist, we find ourselves engrossed by an article that, to provide you with the Cliff Notes, says be yourself. Before you ask ‘is it an piece aimed at those who are being bullied?’ we will tell you it was quite a generic article, only grabbing our attention because of the title: Sod This, Let’s Go For A Wine. Written by an author who is notorious for her extensive work, she preaches the word that you don’t have to worry about everything you’re not, instead choosing to celebrate what you are. Don’t make New Years resolutions on the same night you’re going to get hammered. If you don’t like exercise, why commit to doing more? When you take the time to think about it, it doesn’t actually start to make amazing sense. Whatever it is you want to to do in life, for bloody hell, just do it!

It all starts with acceptance, we’re told. And this time we’re inclined to believe it. You might never be like Jack from accounts - first in, last out, always impeccable, never a whisker out of place - but he’ll never be like you. Someone that can go out on the lash and be hideously hungover the next morning, contributing to plenty of quirky anecdotes. We’re sure Jack doesn’t have any stories like that. So we are huge fans of accepting what you have, and relishing in your individuality rather than wishing you were like someone else. The hard workers will always be there, but when it’s someone to have fun with, you’ll be at the front of the list.

It says ‘don’t let perfectionism or self-hate motivate you to make any resolutions’. When it’s put like that, it couldn’t be clearer. And we’re a little mad at ourselves for having acted in this way for so long. Instead, it recommends choosing the things that will solve major problems within your work or family life. Why try to be perfect at being yourself, which, after all these years, you probably already are. It doesn’t matter if you smoke, drink, entertain the London escorts available from Chic. These all contribute to you being you, and you shouldn’t want for anything else.

If you’re so overwhelmed with being perfect, you forget why you’re doing it. And it’s probably for purely aesthetic reasons. Sure, if you sign up to ten spinning classes a week, you might have buns of steel, but you probably won’t have anything to talk to your friends about apart from this, which may quickly get you some friend deletes from the world of social media. If you decide to spend more time doing something like volunteering, perhaps becoming a dog-walker every other weekend, you’ll talk about giving something back, and exercise is free!

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We_believe_in_a_thing_called_loveEverything will be just fine, you find yourself telling yourself that again and again when you are alone for a work function. It just takes some time, you will tell yourself. But so far things haven’t been looking that optimistic. With working so many hours every day, it can be so hard to meet a woman, be it naturally or set up with by friends. Whatever the reason, you can’t expect anything to change unless you do. We know, we’ve all been there. We make a vow, a promise, out loud, to those around us who those who want to hear, that we won’t be alone anymore. If only it were that simple. But luckily for you, dear Chic readers, we have found an establishment (of sorts) that could be the answers to your prayers, if it is what you’re looking for.

It is by no means a new venture, we’re hear it’s been around for quite a while now, and much safer than the single ads in the paper. We are, of course, talking about the world of internet dating. You don’t know, there might be someone out there who would be perfect for you, you just haven’t taken the time to select the right keywords. And knowing what you want is so important in stages like this, that you may not even be sure yourself. If so, perhaps is time to do a little experimenting with the commitment-less relations you can have with girls in our galleries. Not fancying the blonde bimbo type (none of our ladies are, we can assure you of this), you are perhaps more into the brunette escorts we have for you. Either way, you can certainly test the waters before you commit.

Between the number of applicants out there on the numerous dating sites that are available to those single and looking for something special, and everything that you have to offer, there is such a strong possibility of finding someone. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the person they were destined to be with early on in life; some have to wait for what seems like a lifetime. But from what we’ve heard, it was well worth the wait.

Companionship is something that should be awarded to each of us, in whatever way. Perhaps you’re not comfortable enough in letting yourself get so close to someone that you will let them know everything there is to know about you, and that is absolutely fine. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to be that open with their partner, and we know plenty of people whom this works marvellously for. We aren’t saying, in anyway, that you should be dishonest with the person. You just don’t have to spill everything about your life. Unless of course you have a massive secret; perhaps you’re heir to the Kleenex fortune? Either way, there is enough variety in the world to ensure we never get bored, and it allows people to never feel different or ‘weird’. There will be someone out there for everyone.

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Firework1_preSo the new year has been bestowed upon us, and we are looking forward to embracing this new start and making it truly our own. There are so many possibilites to the start of a new year, it’s literally like a blank canvas. With so many things that we might be able to achieve, there is something about the start of a year where you haven’t yet met with defeat, and you’re running on drive and enthusiasm. Of course, we are all more pro-active at the start of the year, there’s something that really gets us up off our arses and gets us going. That’s why gym memberships peak at the new year, and actual gym attendance is next to none. But we want to embrace it, and not let what could be a fantastic year, pass us by. We’re positive that 2013 is the year that so many of our clients capture as their own.

There is never normally a showcase when it comes to the New Year, unless you’re one of those who consider NYE the most important night of the year, and several people in the Chic office would hasten to agree. There’s something about knowing that the whole country, whilst they may not be all out at the same time, you know that surely you’ll be counting down the seconds. With Christmas, everyone is different; some people get up at 5am, others lie in until noon. Some have Christmas lunch, others have a dinner. But on New Years, there is only one time to tune in and really celebrate the new year, and that’s at half past eleven! Of course, we jest, it’s quarter to one.

The thing with a New Year’s Eve party is that it is certainly not for amateurs. With most, they would probably start drinking at around 8pm, or something. Perhaps even earlier if they’ve the whole day off. And factor in they know they will have the following day off, and you’ve a group of people who just absolutely want to get rat-bottomed, especially if you’re planning to meet up with a New Years Eve escort. This is neither healthy nor classy, and not the image you want to be sailing into the new year, with. When it comes to it this day of the year, it’s imperative that you get a right start on it. Having done this a couple of years in a row, we’d definitely consider ourselves somewhat pros at this malarky. So don’t start drinking until at least half past nine, at the very earliest. Make sure you’ve had a good, hearty meal during the day (there’s nothing worse than seeing a chicken mcnugget meal in reverse when you’re humming along to Auld Lang Syne) and just enjoy it. This day comes but once a year!

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Kalenderlys-tscaWe wish it could be Christmas, everyday! But probably not really because then it would spoil the special day that happens once a year. We always say that people start their prep too early, with shops stocking festive items before the end of October, but it seems this year we almost got caught out. In creative style, we found ourselves running around the shops at the very last minute. The only way we could make it through was to keep telling ourselves that it’d be alright. Of course, there will always be the select few who are so incredibly organised that they have all of their presents, including the secret santa at work whom they’re not even sure who it’s for, wrapped and everything, by the first of December. We think these people need to spend more time with the Christmas escorts. It seems that they just have too much time on their hands. You’re meant to be enjoying yourself this festive period, so don’t be stressing out in November! Take your time, and chill. Good things will come of it.

It doesn’t matter how you’re celebrating it, if you’re just with one friend or it’s an entire family jaunt, just make sure that you do. It certainly can take it out of you if you’re planning a huge day. But it makes it all worth it when the house if filled with laughter, even if it does mean there is an abundance of washing up to be done. It’s the one time of year where age is not important - you don’t have to be a youngster to get in the Christmas spirit. You can be as childish as you like, seriousness takes a backseat on the 25th.

Christmas Day never fails to make us laugh, nor does it stop us arguing with family members. But it’s all part of the package. Of course, there are plenty of drinks to be drunk and merriment to be had, so we say knock back a few, tune into the TV Christmas specials and just totally succumb to the day. You laugh, you watch films, you dance, you drink, you eat, you socialise. It’s one of the best days of the year so don’t wish it away.

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Christmas_tree_sxc_huSo, we are actually only seven days away from the big day; or seven more sleeps, if you’re of a childish demeanour. Either way, it has surely crept up on us this year. Though we won’t ever stop being one of those people who moans at the end of October that it’s too early to start stocking the shelves with Christmas ornaments. But it seems important With one more weekend to go before the big day, it’s strongly advised that you perhaps head to the shops one day after work. Now, before you say ‘we won’t have time!’ think it through. You’ve been at work, yes, but then you can be extra proud of yourself by getting two things done on the same day. And then, this weekend, you can stay in the comfort of your home without worrying about having to get up at the crack of dawn in order to get the last few bits that are on your list. You won’t get a parking space, you won’t end up in a queue that is less than fifteen minutes and you won’t get the right size. But if you go during the week, you might JUST make it. And then Bob, who we’ve come to understand is family, is your uncle.

The worst thing about Christmas, if you can believe we’ve narrowed it down to one thing, is the buying of presents for other people. With every intent filling our body to provide a very good gift, that will make the other laugh and praise us for our ingenious wit and amazing foresight, we know that this probably won’t happen. Whilst we’re confident that the presents we purchase won’t immediately end up on Ebay, there is always slight hesitation at this time of year. But much like all the nominees come Oscar time, it’s imperative that you practice YOUR loser face. There’s nothing worse than receiving a doozie gift, but it’s harsh on the giver if you’re looking like a smacked arse when you say ‘thanks’, through gritted teeth. Smile, say thank you, and think of the best descriptive way to sell.

Of course, we know that any of our clients would very much like a Christmas escort to spoil around the festive period, but surely that’s not something you could put on your Christmas list. If it is, then we certainly want to be part of your open-minded family. What more could you ask for this holiday?

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Morning_Sky_7Whilst it is perhaps considered quite a trendy thing to relate to, especially when it goes so far as permanent inking on the skin, song lyrics can have a profound effect on us. Whatever you are going through, there is a song that can really help. It can be sadness, it can be happiness, it can be loneliness, it can be depression. Anything that a human being can emit in the form of emotion, or keep concealed as is so often the case, it’s an incredible comfort to find a song that reflects exactly what we’re feeling. You don’t need to relive your darkest moments along to a melody, but so often the peak of a song fills us with an incredible feeling of euphoria. Much like when you’re walking down the street, perhaps listening to a particular song on your generic music player, and you feel overwhelmed by the words being played into your words. And if you’re listening to it on quite a high volume, it can drown out everything that’s happening and just have it be all about you.

When you find yourself in a crowded street, it’s not uncommon to feel incredibly lonely. But blast your music in your headphones and whilst you might still feel like you’re the only one around, it’s this time in a more exciting way. There are times when you might feel overwhelmed, but it can often be good to play on that with a dramatic tune that matches how you’re currently feeling. So don’t think you’re alone in doing so, we’re all guilty of that. And it works wonders.

Here at Chic, we know what it’s like to go through the motions in life. The life stories that those in the office could tell you would certainly force one to reevaluate their own life, but it’s important to know that anyone, no matter who they are or what they do, are susceptible to things that are uncomfortable, unforgiving and with no place in your life. If this is the case for you, we urge you to push through it. Afterall, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

People will always want something from you, perhaps more than you would normally want to give. It’s important to stay strong, and do what is best for you. You might not know what you want to be in life, perhaps your current job role isn’t what you envisioned doing when you got to this age, and if so, change it. There are so many things that can be done in the world that you can’t allow yourself to simply float on by, letting life pass you by. You have to grab a good track, blast out the speakers and do whatever it is that you want to do. Regardless of what anyone else thinks. If you enjoy the company of black escorts, or you like to read poetry. Whatever it is, do it. Life’s too short.

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Christmas_tree_baubleMERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY! We know we’re about three weeks too early, but we’re just really getting into it, at the moment. The weather has turned crisp, we are very much into December and it just feels right. All we need now is a sprinkling of snow, to see Santa riding his sleigh down the high street and to blare the Christmas tunes from the speaker. Of course, you have the undeniable classics that you never fail to get you up, singing your heart out and really get into the festive spirit. You’re then spoiled with the amazing duets and one-offs that come around this time of year, normally something cheesy. But we’ll admit The Darkness’ attempt at a Christmas song was certainly catchy and we always find ourselves laughing along to it, especially if we’re alone in the car, driving home for Christmas. Another classic! Highlighting the greatest tunes of years gone by, who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of spending time with Chris Rear as he sings us all the way to your front door?

It seems that it is only ever acceptable at Christmas to spend insane amounts of time outside, with limbs slowly losing feeling and their inability to grip or grasp any object gradually diminshing. Of course, you should have prepared by wearing gloves, a hat, perhaps even a scarf. Either way, you’re not as miserable as you would be if it was happening in February, for example. We imagine it has something to do with the pretty lights and decorations and overall cheer that is absent in the rest of the year. It just warms us from our frostbitten toes to our nippy ears. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

When it comes to hanging your stockings by the chimney with care, and not worrying if you will stumble across the bottom stair (they might not be the official lyrics...), it’s best to do it with a happy head. And this is the time to really indulge, treating yourself as well as your family. Perhaps you’ve always want to spend time with one of the Christmas escorts we have for you, here at Chic? If that’s the case, join us, be merry, and have a bloody good Christmas!

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JK-FlipflopComic-YesNow, we know that New Year’s Eve is over a month away, but it’s not that long until the big night. Which to us, is the BEST night of the year. Some people think it’s overrated, but we couldn’t disagree, more. It’s the one night you can really let loose, drink your cares away and welcome to the new year and all its promise with friends, family and whomever else you wish to be in your company during this joyous occasion. And whilst several of us will choose not to make New Year’s resolutions, aware that on the third day, or maybe even by the end of the first week if you’re that good, you will have failed miserably. Up there with quitting smoking, losing weight and generally being more healthy, we don’t understand why they have to be negative things, or activities that will depress and deplore us. They could very easily be good things, certain subjects or doings that will transform us. For example, the simple task of saying yes more often.

This has proved such a popular undertaking that a film was actually made from it. Of course, it might not work in every case, but you’re opening up your mind to new things. The pure fact that you’re saying yes means you’re experiencing something, rather than sat by yourself indoors, watching television. It’s not like you’ve not done that before, right? So, we are so convinced by our exceptionally well-written pose that we are definitely well into it. Therefore, come the 1st January, we will absolutely start saying more to things. Of course, we need you to not take advantage, by asking us to offer you freebies from the services our sensational blonde escorts provide. There is a certain level of quality that we provide that simply cannot be offered for any less than the advertised costings. And you know what they say about there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

We of course want you to come back to us after every encounter with your chosen companion from our plethora of galleries, but we need to ensure we can still offer the best rates of any agency in the city, so if offered you discounted prices, we have to put up the everyday prices. And that would not make for happy clients, our biggest priority. So now you’ve agreed to be more open to ideas, spontaneous and, let’s be honest, just that little bit more fun, it’s time to get out there and start living! Why not start by having a look our galleries. They’re rather fabulous, if we do say so ourselves.

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Dijon_-_MusC3A9e_de_l27ElectricitC3A9_-_Tourne_disqueJust like smells can trigger memories, particular songs can spark feelings of nostalgia and take you back to a time you had once thought forgotten. When a track is played on the radio, perhaps on the iPod (other MP3 players are available) shuffle that you forgot how much you loved. The songs that remind us of times gone by can be in vast comparison to our colleagues. It can be even more awkward if a song comes on the radio and for one person to shout ‘turn it up!’, only for another to say ‘turn it off!’. If it’s an absolute tune, and is generic of a specific genre, for example Britney’s ...Baby One More Time, chances are, everyone will love. This one in particular pretty much defined the nineties pop era. Exploding onto the scene in the late nineties, we don’t particularly want to spend time addressing the staying power this pop princess has had with her chart domination over the past. Instead we’re much more interested in the effects particular things have, without us even thinking about it.

Whilst it can be possible to forget people who were once in our lives, it seems the words to songs that we haven’t heard in years will never leave our minds. You know the words the second the song comes on the radio, you remember every single detail, down to the key change and the elongated word in the last chorus. This is just because there are things that we are destined to never forget. And songs from our past is absolutely one of them.

Given the jobs market, the seemingly-endless recession and never having more than a minute to ourselves, we certainly cherish those moments that remind us of a simpler time. It can seem a welcome escape from the troubles that might be consuming us in today’s world. Thinking back to when pop dominated the charts, phones were used to make phone calls and nothing else, and you could pretty much predict any of the lyrics to any song that would come on the radio. Nowadays, we have to look for other things to give us pleasure. And for our clients, that comes in the form of the brunette escorts in our gallery. Who wants to sing along when you can have lots of fun playing along?

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Rose_wine_It is true that you can go out and have fun at any age. Of course, not everyone should probably do everything, there are some limits, but it is imperative that you enjoy yourself are much as you can. Whilst it can seem that going out out, we are forever grateful to Micky Flanagan for that, requires quite a generous amount of effort, it is just a hell lot of fun. And there’s nothing like coming back in after you’ve been out. It makes the outing seem all that worthwhile.

You’re living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. There is so much to do, you’re often overwhelmed with choice - much like selecting a blonde escort, or brunette, from our gallery. There is simply no excuse to be sitting in when you could be at galleries, restaurants or just milling about around town. You don’t need to meticulously plan, it’s just being open-minded enough to try things that you’re slightly weary of.

And of course, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, whilst not recommended, can certainly liven up any evening. The next day might not go to plan, however, depending on your intake and tolerance levels. But seeing as you had fun, then, in the moment, why worry? As long as you didn’t end up with a facial tattoo, we think you’re fine. It’s always better to not regret. But there are certain things you should avoid at all costs; one of them is texting when you’ve had a few too many. Whilst there is always the apology message the next day, it seems that you can’t possibly be expected to feel too bad about it. So long as it’s simply chat, and nothing vicious that you can’t take back.

The only thing with going out, especially if it’s on a work night, is that you are still required to upbeat and alert, so it’s all about knowing your limit. It might even be a case of just making sure you don’t mix drinks. The worst thing in the world, even more so than falling out of a taxi or losing personal items, is mixing drinks. It doesn’t taste good, in either direction. So let us be sensible, and just enjoy ourselves without taking it too far. Of course, if you’re looking for a bit of dutch courage before your first ever date with a companion from our agency, we’d leave it at one. There’s nothing worse than turning up, slurring your speech and not be able to remember the amazing experience. That would just be simply awful.

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Four More Years

So, Barack Obama has been re-elected to serve as President of the United States of America for another four years, and we couldn’t be happier. Whilst we should probably remain impartial so as not to offend any clients who perhaps preferred his opponent, we think he was by far the better candidate. Only time will tell if he can follow through on his promises and other reasons he gave the American public for voting for him. It makes us wonder about our voting system, and how we elect a party rather than a single being. Is it because, as Brits, we aren’t overly friendly or complimentative so can’t imagine selecting a single person? How dare they get so much attention? With a hoard of celebrity supporters, Hollywood will certainly be celebrating tonight. But with everyone lending their opinions, it can become all too easy to be quickly bogged down by other people’s thoughts and forget what your own stance in life, is. There’s one thing that you should always remember and that is nothing good ever came from doing nothing. So it’s time to go out there and live. If you want to alter whatever position you are in, perhaps at work or elsewhere, only you can change it.

It doesn’t matter whether you support the Democratic party or the Republican party - you just need to like parties. With so much to get downhearted and low about, it’s so important to enjoy life as much as you can. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do, but have perhaps been put off by others’ opinions, or you’re just nervous about undertaking a task for the first time, it just takes that final leap of faith. So why not engage in some time with any of the gorgeous London escorts that fill our gallery? The city is a large place, made even bigger if you find yourself alone. Perhaps in the city on business, it can be hard to find your way around a giant place like our heaving metropolis, so it’s good to find someone with a bit of knowledge that can show you the best bits about town.

It seems that it’s all too easy to miss the sights that we walk past everyday, not really appreciating what they have to offer. This isn’t possible with any of the ladies in our gallery; they’re far too gorgeous to ignore. And with the potential to have a fantastic tour guide show you the sights, why pass up on that opportunity? It saves you spending all our time wandering around the town, not knowing the best places to go, the best museums to visit, the best bars to drink in. It’s important that you be free, live as you want. Anything is possible.

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Eyelash_extension_exampleWhilst some things in life are uncertain, there is actually a lot more reasoning behind why we dream what we dream than first realised. Of course there is no absolute certainty behind them, but each dream is completely unique to that particular individual. Many are fascinated by the involuntary succession of ideas, images, emotions and sensations that take place during particular stages of sleep. Believing it not be just humans who dream, scientists are starting to discover that the majority of mammals also dream. The duration of dreams differ dramatically, some lasting a few seconds, with others lasting half an hour. The nocturnal thoughts we have are for no-one else but us. The different things that we dream about can give some understanding to our daily lives; subconscious thoughts and feelings that we are not addressing. We can’t necessarily determine exactly what it is that makes us dream about what we do, but there are definitely things that we can pick up on. And it’s always interesting to learn why we dreamt about the family dog dressed up in a tuxedo, speaking in a thick Southern accent and serving us tea and pastries. Just us? Interesting...

Dreams are an incredibly healthy way of experimenting with your naughty side; perhaps you’ve been yearning for a sexy nurse or a flirty firelady? Whatever it is, the harmless fun we have in our minds when we’re getting our beauty sleep can lend itself to what we really want in our daily lives. And the blonde escorts in our galleries most certainly lend themselves to this. With experience comes need. So when you know how to do something, you want to do it again. This is the reason we replay old levels of games that we’ve already won, because we know what to expect and know we’re going to be good at it. We know that there is nothing more nerve-racking for a first-timer than imagining what it could be like when they first spend time with one of our sensational companions. So why not dream about it?

Everyone has had that dream, that really good one, where you wake up with the biggest smile on your face, feeling like you can take on the world. Imagine if you experienced that dream in real life, just how big your smile would be. We’re confident you wouldn’t be able to wipe it off for weeks. The physical attributes of our ladies are particularly enticing and know just what our clients love. So take the leap.

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